About the Fiber Sketcher

Me! With my bobbin lace in progress.

Hi, I’m Joyce, and I am fascinated by fiber.

I am a knitter and spinner, I have dabbled in crochet, and I have played on a homemade backstrap loom. I have more embroidery floss than I know what to do with. Most recently, I have taken my first set of fiber-crafting lessons to get started in the art of bobbin lace.

I love playing with fiber, love the feel of it running through my fingers and creating something warm and tangible.

By trade I am an illustrator — and always working digitally, to boot. I missed the feeling of making, of using my hands and senses. I tried drawing in physical media for a while, but the pressures of timelines and editability always pulled me back into the electronic space.

For a long time I neglected my love of fiber because I couldn’t see myself “doing anything with it”, as sad as that is. I felt guilty whenever stepping off the computer and settling in to knit or spin, let alone exploring other fibercrafts with which I was less familiar (and thus could not produce as well).

But no more! I am making an attempt to play more, to try more things — to do more sketches in fiber. I hope you enjoy my little attempts to just relax, make, and enjoy a fiber-filled life. :)

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