Project Notes: Woven Baby Blanket

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Baby Blanket - 1

Recipient: LR+DR
Pattern: Plainweave, mostly purple with slight, somewhat random blocks of color in warp and weft

Baby Blanket - 3

Using the Weavolution Weaving Calculator (

Warp Worksheet

Calculation Variables
Length 30”
Sampling 6”
Loom Waste 24”
Takeup 10%
Length Shrinkage 10%
Width 30”
Width Shrinkage 10%
Draw-in 10%
Warp Sett 6 epi
Extra Ends 0
Warp Length 70” (1.9 yards)
Length to Weave 36” under tension, 33” relaxed
Width in Reed 36”
Warp Ends 216
Warp Required 410.4 yards

Weft Worksheet

Calculation Variables
PPI 6 (to get 216 picks, trying to balance with epi)
Takeup 10%
Weft Required 199.6 yards


Actual Length 32” (plus 2” fringe on each end)
Actual Width 30” (end) – 30.5” (beginning)

Baby Blanket - 4


Bernat Softee Baby Solids & Marls
DK / 8 ply; 100% Acrylic ; 362 yards / 140 grams
30185 Soft Lilac – 517.3yd/200g (1.43 skeins)

Bernat Super Value Solids
Aran / 10 ply; 100% Acrylic; 426 yards / 197 grams
07445 Yellow – 136.6yd/63g (.32 skeins)
53221 Soft Fern – 160.6yd/74g (.38 skeins)

Care Tag
Scrap Cotton
Embroidery Floss
Textile Marker


I actually sleyed this blanket twice. The first time, I used my 12-dent reed in every other dent, which was great until I actually tried to weave. The Super Value ended up being so thick that it wouldn’t move smoothly up and down against the metal. After some shenanigans I re-sleyed in an 8-dent reed (0-1-1-1-0-1-1-1) and it was significantly better, which should have been obvious really, but I’d only had a 12-dent reed at the time.

Baby Blanket - 5

I had the best of intentions at making a balanced plainweave fabric. I’d even planned out my 216 picks in WeaveDesign! During weaving it didn’t seem so balanced to get a fabric I liked, and when I ran out of picks at about 20” I realized that I’d have to improvise to finish it off. I do like the look and cushiness, but balanced it is NOT.

Baby Blanket - 6

I had a HUGE issue with tension in this project! Not only were both of the yarns that I chose stretchy acrylic, but the two types were of slightly different stretchinesses. I did the best I could, and most of the irregularities came out in the wash, but it’s got a touch of waviness at the starting edge, and the two different yarns made the selvedges pretty wonky (but consistently wonky). Lessons learned!

Baby Blanket - 2

I was especially proud of my hemstitching. The leading and closing edges feel solid and natural. I am pleased with the finished fabric, and I think it will be a great blanket (or artsy decorative throw). Not bad for my first planned project, I think. :) On to the next!

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