The Feel of Fiber

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Long time no see! Not long after my last post, life became a whirlwind, as often happens. The husband and the cat and I moved house, which did not lend itself well at all to long pontifications about fiber. The last few months of the year became dedicated to illustration things, which was great but also busy, of course. During all of the craziness I started an Instagram in an effort to just make more, and it has really helped me take some chunks out of my day to play with fiber and enjoy sharing progress.

Heels Turned on Socks

Getting Warped

In November I turned 30 — a baby still, as my comrades in fiber keep telling me! — and for my milestone birthday the DH and I started looking around for a floor loom. We finally found a great used one in December: a Harrisville Designs 4H/4T.

HD 4H-4T Floor Loom

I’ve been loving playing around with it!

My First Weaving Project - 1
My First Weaving Project - 2

I’ve just finished off my first wide project from my floor loom, a baby blanket for a friend.

Baby Blanket - 1
Baby Blanket - 2

I’m happy with my beginner endeavor, wonky selvedges and all! Next is a scarf for me hopefully. I have yarn for the warp but haven’t gotten much further than that, so I have a bit of planning ahead.

Bits of Lace

Moving house has also meant that it became much more difficult to make it to the Lace Museum for class and volunteering. I ended up stopping altogether, which was quite a bummer.

I finally was able to dive back in when last month, the museum hosted a weekend workshop taught by Jean Leader. I was so fortunate to have her for my first two-day intensive class! You could choose to take either Torchon in color or Bucks Point, and since I’d been intending to try Bucks for a while, that’s the way I went. She is an amazing teacher and I learned a whole lot of lacy things, not just about Bucks, though I learned plenty about that, of course. :)

Bucks Hexagon in Progress
Bucks Hexagon Finished
Bucks Point Hexagon Pattern by Jean Leader

I also met a couple of other amazing ladies in class that happen to live right near my new abode, which has me unimaginably excited since I’ve been looking for a fiber family!

Due to some other circumstances I’ve also gone back to volunteering for a little while. Instead of helping out in collections, I’ve been trying to get the museum computer in order, which is quite the adventure!! I feel like I am making a great contribution there, though I acknowledge that most of the others will not be super affected by the reorganization. ;)

Keeping It Real

After years of only making things in a digital context, I am relishing the remarkable feeling of making something with warmth and weight — even if it is just a little weight, in the case of my lace. Working in the tangible realm is so satisfying…though you surely knew that already, it’s just taken me this long to understand why it is so compelling!

I enjoy being all sappy and writing about my love for creating in fiber. Thanks for indulging me.



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