Thread Around Holes at the Lace Museum

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This past week, I helped set up the new exhibit at the Lace Museum in Sunnyvale (click to see details on the current exhibit), Thread Around Holes!

It’s an exhibit featuring 27 guest artists (many from the Bay Area, with a few from elsewhere) that created contemporary lace and lace-related artwork. There is also a children’s section and a mini-exhibit called “Make Lace Not War” featuring 20th century anti-war and patriotic themed pieces of lace and lace-making tools.

I’ll put up the promotional postcard once we have that designed, but for now you’ll have to pop in to see it. I’ve gotten quite inspired by the marriage of traditional and contemporary in color, form, and presentation. You might too! :D

The exhibit runs from June 27 through October 31. A celebration party will be coming in early September, so more details as I have them!

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