Summer Crafting

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Summer has finally come to the San Francisco bay area and I’ve put aside my usual knits in favor of new and less lap-insulating projects.

I’ve been working more on my lace, which is obvious since I’m taking weekly classes, but still. I’m currently very enthused about my picots, which are turning out much better than my first picots made using a different method. Another woman was working on picots at the museum and my teacher showed her this method (see ‘double thread picots’):, which I tried out as well and got easy, beautiful, and stable results.

Improved Bobbin Lace Picot
No longer scared of / annoyed by picots!

I’ve also been playing with a bit of needlework. I designed a set of three 13-count bookmarks right after my City Needlework adventures, but the “13-count” canvas that I bought actually turned out to be 10-count, so obviously instead of going back and getting more I decided to order some canvas online since I’m scared of people sometimes. My 14-count needlepoint canvas (since finding 13-count was a real struggle and 14-count would work with my thread bundles) arrived in the mail, so I pulled out my liquid acrylics and tried painting my designs. It was a blast!

Painted Needlework Canvas - Bookmarks

I’m currently working them up in the silk that I got and it is so smooth, like working with butter. The difference between this and the cheap craft floss that I was using reminds me of when I first worked with Malabrigo after only working in Red Heart’s basic acrylic. Night and day! I’m considering some large-scale projects that may make working with silk all the time unfeasible, but at least for my small luxury projects, I am quickly becoming spoiled.

Needlework Bookmark - Stitching

I’m very happy to be working on my own designs as well; I always feel a little awkward working on someone else’s design when I have something in my head that wants to get out.

One of my favorite new things in my crafting area is this LED lamp. It has a flexible gooseneck, three light levels (you cycle through them by tapping the light switch), and a rechargeable battery, so I can unplug the lamp and take it to my current crafting area. Handy and eye-protecting!

Bobbin Lace and LED Lamp
The cat is a fan too.

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