Cables at Craft Day

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Today I headed out to have a good ol’ craft day with some friends, something I haven’t done in so very long!

I took my new cable+lace knitting project — the Bauble shawl from Knitty First Fall 2012 by Kathryn McNaughton — and got to work on it after a great taco lunch.

My current progress on my Bauble shawl.
My current progress on my Bauble shawl.

This is my first complex project in quite a long time and I’m having a lot of fun! I’ve been knitting a lot of stockinette lately: I just finished a Kusha Kusha Scarf and a pair of vanilla socks (with my first time trying the Fish Lips Kiss Heel), but I still need to wash the things so I can take photos. It wasn’t until my husband asked for another hat that I remembered how much I love cables!

The cables on my husband’s hat (using the Declan’s Hat pattern).
The cables on my husband’s hat (using the Declan’s Hat pattern).

After blasting through his hat, I needed to find a cable project for my very own. I have also been taking bobbin lace classes lately and spending a lot of time surrounded by lace, so the Bauble helps scratch that itch as well. I also have beads to look forward to on the edges, so bonus!

A close-up of the motifs.
A close-up of the motifs.

I’m not very talkative in groups, so working on the Bauble was a good fit. I need to come up with a better system for holding my place on the charts — I had a minor mishap when the folded paper I was using slipped about — but I’m sure I’ll come up with something involving sticky notes and tape.

What I learned today: keeping a little kit of yarncrafting essentials in your bag is worth the carry weight! I had a tapestry needle and folding scissors for others’ needs, and extra stitch markers for myself. I could probably stand to trim the kit a little but it’s working out so far and is not bulky.



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